Please visit THIS link to submit your music using our online form.


Do you need your track professionally mixed and mastered? Perhaps you want some new life injected into an existing song by way of a remix. Arpix Media takes pride in our network of industry contacts and would look forward to helping you with any of following:

  • Tracking
  • Session Musicians
  • Tracking/Recording
  • Vocal/Pitch Correction
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Remixes


We are trying to help you the best we can, and that includes letting you know what not to do when submitting music to Arpix.
We do not accept unsolicited submissions via either email or snail mail.
We do not accept CD’s regardless of their origin.
We do not accept MP3’s.
Finally, if you do not control 100% of both Master and Publishing on a submission, you should include the information of all other parties who share copyright ownership with you.
Please do not include any music with uncleared samples.


We hope you understand that it takes time to listen to the numerous submissions we receive. Rest assured that we try to listen to everything. Unfortunately, if we were to comment back to every person who sent music to us it would be impossible to do what we are really here to do, which is to try and fit appropriate music to the productions we are working on.

Therefore, we do not return calls to comment on music. If we have interest in an artist or a track, or if we wish to request further music from you, we will absolutely call you.

Not hearing from us is in no way an indication of how we feel about your music. It may well be that we simply do not have a current need for it. That can and does change with a moments notice, and it is at that time that we will reach out to you.

Again, we appreciate your interest, and we hope you understand all of the above.


If you would like to learn more about the ins and outs of music licensing, you may wish to know about this e-book, written by Ron Proulx (President, Arpix Media)
how to license your music into movies and television.